Welcome to our intro for English-speakers!

Empowering the climate generation

CliMates Austria is a youth-led NGO addressing the climate crisis by influencing climate policy, giving a boost to changemakers, developing formats of climate education and writing about climate topics. Youth empowerment is key. We call ourselves a think-and-do-tank, because we have no time to lose, so let’s act fast. CliMates Austria is part of the international network CliMates with 6 branches around the world.

What we do

organize the Austrian youth climate conference, called Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) Austria, as part of an international network of conferences (LCOYs)

send youth delegates to the COPs (Conference of the Parties), also known as UN-climate conferences

design and conduct school workshops around climate politics with our project Clim’School, mainly simulating climate negotiations

report about climate-related topics and inspire a future-friendly lifestyle with our journalism project klimareporter.in

engage in skill-sharing, cooperate with other organisations including on climate advocacy, connect people and stay in touch with decision-makers

Do you want to get involved? Need climate contacts in Vienna/Austria? Want to share your skills or learn from youth organizing? Are just curious about CliMates Austria? We’re happy to get to know you!