European Youth Statement – RCOY Europe 2024

European Youth Statement – RCOY Europe 2024

Over 100 young delegates from across the entire European continent gathered at the Regional Conference of Youth (RCOY) Europe 2024 in Vienna, Austria, with a clear message: Europe’s current climate targets aren’t enough.

Armed with the latest scientific evidence from the European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change, these passionate young minds have developed a unified stance. Their call to action? European nations must significantly strengthen their climate goals.

The RCOY Europe 2024 conference wasn’t just about numbers – it was about uniting the voices of a generation. Representatives from over 30 European countries came together, their shared passion for a sustainable future fueling their discussions and collaborations.

This collaborative spirit yielded the European Youth Statement, a document that embodies the hopes and concerns of Europe’s youth regarding climate change

A big thank you to the people, who were at RCOY and contributed to the European Youth Statement!

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